According to Paul Cookson, 

“Running a business without marketing will kill it”.

Even artists, entertainers, and filmmakers promote their crafts to reach a broader audience.

There have been several illegal and unauthorized betting platforms circulating online and people have fallen victims, especially new gamblers with little knowledge of how it works.

Nigerian online gamblers use some reputable information sources to acquire the latest updates about sporting activities and bookings.

As a genuine and authorized Sports betting platform that aims to reach Nigerian audiences in the right online community, why not promote your business on trusted news websites?

In this article, we will discuss blogs and sites that feature sports betting sponsored posts on their websites and their prices.

  • www.Nigeriaonnews.com: As a reputable sports betting platform willing to reach a broader audience in Nigeria, Nigeriaonnews.com is one of the news platforms suitable to reach lovers of sports in Nigeria.

This is a platform that gives voice to voiceless citizens of Nigeria and holds the powerful ones accountable. They circulate updates, news, and analysis regarding sports activities, politics, business, health, technology, entertainment, and many more.

As sports betting is part of the entertainment and enjoyment Nigerians derive from sport, Nigeriaonnews.com creates space to promote legit and reliable sports betting platforms. They charge $137 for sponsored posts.

  • www.Africatopforum.com: If any sports betting platform subscribes to Africatopforum.com sponsored posts, they will have the chance to reach citizens from 6 African countries. Africatopforum.com only distributes events and occurrences that surround Politics, Health, Education, Entertainment, Agriculture, and Business to Africans from different African countries.

As Africans who would love to discover issues occurring in other African countries, the right space for them is Africatopforum.com. Fortunately for betting platforms that promote their business here, millions of Africans will discover your platform and interested ones will not hesitate to join. Their sponsored post costs $274.

  • www.Sportsgoal.com.ng:  A sports betting platform having their posts on Sportsgoal.com.ng platform is like reaching the right audience at the right place.

This is a community that accommodates sports lovers from anywhere in Africa. Sports goal distribute sports activities, news happening in Africa and beyond to lovers of sports from anywhere in the world.

Surprisingly, you can find interesting sports news but uncirculated on Sportsgoal.com.ng. They also post up-to-date betting tips for bettors who visit the site steadily. Now imagine bettors from anywhere in the world coming across betting tips and a reliable betting platform promotion on the same page. Their sponsored post costs $99.

  • www.Cokoye.com: This news platform distributes news from several foreign countries which means there’s a chance foreigners will see and register on your sports betting platform if promoted on Cokoye.com. At Cokoye.com, a reader will come across news and update on politics, business, sports, education, arts, entertainment, and more.

They also upload job vacancies, relationships, and love advice for Nigerians and Africans from all over the world. A sports betting platform can subscribe for ads and sponsored posts. Their sponsored post costs $50.

  • www.365technoblog.com: Sports lovers and bettors acquire educative content and guides about betting on this platform and over time, the platform has gained their trust and loyalty by feeding them quality helpful content. What if you had your sponsor post on here? This is a platform where crypto, Blockchain, and technology enthusiast garner knowledge and updates about technology.

365technoblog shares informative guides, tips, latest and how-to content regarding technology, sports betting, casino, security, new devices, and Smartphones. As soon as. Bettors acquire betting tips on this platform; they wouldn’t hesitate to click “register” when they come across your post. Their sponsored post costs $99.

  • www.gamblingblogger.com.ng: There are over 80% assurance bettors will fall in love with your sport betting platforms if your post is featured on this platform.

Gamblingblogger.com.ng platform distributes informative news, how-to guides, tips, up-to-date posts about gambling, and strategies to leverage gambling platforms for potential winnings. This is a community where good gamblers access betting information before embarking on any new games, lotteries, casinos, and more. Their sponsored post costs $199.

  • www.socialwider.com: Businesses promoting their products and services on this social networking site are exposing their offers to millions of users across the continent. If as a Sports betting platform, you joined these businesses to feature your valuable offers on this networking site, thousands and millions of gamblers would in no way hesitate to join your betting platform.

Here is a social networking site where people meet new friends, and share ideas and similar interests. The people might be bettors and luckily your post might be informative enough to interest new users. You can have a sponsored post on socialwider.com for $50.

Placing Sports Betting Sponsored Posts Across the Nigeria’s Sites/Blogs

Why not save yourself some valuable time and stress here? A better alternative in featuring your ads and sponsored posts across the above sites and beyond is hiring Adhang.com, sports betting sponsored ads agency which is recommended on most of the news platforms mentioned above and beyond. Adhang.com agency markets sports betting companies and services for small and large betting businesses all over Nigeria and across Africa’s continent.

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