Gambling Advertising and Sponsored Guest Posting

You can order betting sponsored ads – from guest posting, gambling banner ads to reviews of your services and platform.  All links are do-follow, and my guest posts get indexed by search engines and remain on the site for life.

Here are the options:

Sponsored Guest Post – $199

This is a sponsored post opportunity to promote your betting website, app, and services with a permanent post on the site. You send us your post and get it published.

Review Post – $299 

I will give an honest review of your betting website or service on the website with a minimum of 1000 words.

Banner Advertising – $59 weekly

Betting banner advertising on the site, this banner displays all over the website.

To get your sponsored ads started on the website email

If you are looking to expose your betting website, app, and services to millions of Nigerians, look no further than Gambling Blogger.

Gambling blogger is an African gambling information-based blog run by a Nigerian-based blogger with years of experience in information marketing across the continent.

Gambling Blogger writes and publishes informative and communicative guides, tips, and answers a variety of questions about online gambling, which includes, but is not limited to, sports betting, casino, lottery, and poker.


Benefits of advertising with Gambling Blogger

There are many benefits of advertising your business and service on our site. Some of them are:

1. Brand loyalty

When visitors who already know your gambling site or brand keep seeing your ads on our website, they will be more inclined to choose you when looking for your service. This increases your brand loyalty and brings in more business.

2. Customer acquisition

Your business will get an influx of new customers every day since many people visit our website daily.

3. Product awareness

Prospects who do not know about your business will be exposed to your business or services when they visit our site, thereby boosting your product awareness and bringing you more business.

4. Remarketing

It will be easier to target people who are aware of your business with remarketing. This is because these people would have seen your business or service when they visited our website.

There are different types of sponsored ads Gambling Blogger offers its advertisers:

  • Sponsored guest posts
  • Review posts
  • Banner advertising

Sponsored guest posts

This is an opportunity to promote your betting website, apps, and services to millions of Nigerians by publishing a permanent post on our site.

Review posts

I will write a minimum of 1000 words, reviewing your betting website or service and providing my honest feedback about your business or service.

Banner advertising

With our banner advertising option, you can place a banner on our website about your betting website, apps, or services that will be shown all over the site to the many visitors that visit the site.


If you want to boost your business, consider advertising on Gambling Blogger. To get your sponsored ads started on the website email

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