As old lottery players give up on lotto games because of their heavy loss, new lovers of betting who have never played lotto are willing to learn and make money.

In this situation, some players have always been lucky with their predictions as they make big moolah at various lotto sales points.

Some Nigerians are lovers of local lotto joints. Probably because they were only exposed to only local lotto games and it’s playing methods. Many other Nigerians are users of both large National and local lotto platforms. 

Lottery games create emotions when players await the results of their tickets especially online ones from foreign countries.

However, National lotto platforms have managed to attract millions of fans around the world including Nigerians because of the high jackpot, and higher chances of winning.

Most of the national lotto games are played on verified lottery websites while local lotto is played at local lotto outlets in Nigeria. 

If you hold a Smartphone today, you have fewer reasons to visit a lotto shop unless you are a fan of local games.

Recently, online lottery platforms have experienced a tremendous rise in the number of Nigerian users because it saves time and offers several exciting big prizes.

Nigerians are now exposed to international lotto websites with several lotto games that are aesthetically pleasing with great User Experience.

But players are not just playing. They have their objectives, which is to win. 

Despite so many Nigerian players losing jackpots heavily weekly, some foreign players believe applying strategies to win is as crucial as winning by luck.

Are Nigerians winning as planned?

there is apparently no guaranteed way to win a lottery.

If there was, Why would this article exist?

To increase your chances of winning, expert lotto players have compiled some strategies that have worked for them in the past. 

  1. Buy more tickets to increase the probability of winning:  When you purchase more tickets, there’s a visible chance of you winning but then the drawback can hit very hard unexpectedly.

What if you win none of the tickets or the worth of your wins isn’t huge enough to compensate your investment in buying several tickets?

An Australian firm that purchased a lot of tickets in local lotto confirmed the drawbacks. If you could master other lotto tricks, buying more tickets could serve as a valuable additional strategy.

  • Team up with other lottery winners to form a solid syndicate: You are not only teaming up but contributing a substantial amount massive enough to play many lotto numbers on several tickets.

Surely, there is a chance you will win but remember, you are not alone on the team. This means you are sharing the money with other team players. If the win is worth millions of dollars, then you have nothing to worry about. The goal is to increase your chances of winning.

  • Use Quickies: This strategy is common. Many players no longer select consecutive numbers. Most of them choose random numbers because it’s a game of luck and any number could drop as the jackpot.

But the subconscious mind of humans generally wouldn’t pick just random numbers but random numbers that correlate with things we have done in the past. These numbers store somewhere in our minds and fly out of our mouths when we select games.

A player may pick 4 random numbers and unknowingly, he’s picked his sister’s birth date, the number of snacks he ate the previous mornings, the regular time he wakes every morning, and the longest miles he covered by road that week.

This is why experts advise that we leave our random numbers to the computer.

  • Do not select numbers that end with the same digit or fall in the same number groups: According to the experience of experts, the probability of winning has always been low.
  • Play lottery games that have fewer players: Nigerians are always found playing Lotto games that offer big jackpots. The jackpots in unpopular games might seem low to what you have witnessed before but there is a very high probability of winning because they accommodate lesser competition.
  • Every number has an equal probability of being chosen as a winner: Risk sometimes by selecting the uncommon numbers which may as well drop.
  • Avoid the number system: The results of the draw will always be dependent on random. In Nigeria today, people are fond of selecting numbers that are related based on shapes, division of 2, straight lines, colors, and more. This does not affect guaranteeing a win as so many other Nigerian players create new strategies every hour. Luckily, you may win.


Lotto happens to be one of the most unpredictable games in Nigeria and other places in the world.

As a player, learn other people’s strategies and apply them maybe you are on the right track to increase your chance of winning and finally accomplishing your goals.

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