One of the terrible mistakes some Nigerians make regarding sports bookings revolve around placing bets on sport or games they have little or no understanding about.

Many go to an extreme extent of staking huge amounts on games they are unaware of the teams’ strength and method of play.

Well, only a few Nigerian do this because they have lost so much applying different strategies to their favorite games hence the transformation to another sport to try their luck.

The goal of gamblers is to make cash from our bookings. Many Nigerian players are always on the path of almost winning massively but a single game loss often affects their whole bookings.

Understanding how online games on Sport betting platforms works, your desired sport, and teams’ strength is important but the ability to forecast and read occurrences would save you a lot of money when it’s time to place a bet.

For example, an excellent football team that has been on a very long winning streak has a match ahead of them. 

Before you add this game to your bookings, ask these critical questions below.

  • What’s this football team’s strength?
  • Are they winning because of their method of play, teamwork, or the dependent on some few key players?
  • If they depend on key players, are these players available and fit for this next match?

Enough questions about the favorite team to win. Now ask the same questions about the opponent. Check their stats and playing style. Your decision after comparing their strength plays a crucial role in the odds you book.

However, some good gamblers have shared a few strategies that may increase your chances of winning if followed carefully.

  1. Play bigger Odds:  Bigger odds guarantee bigger wins but you are not expected to blindly pick just any odd because it displays a big amount as output.

Forecast previous matches played by the teams and answer the questions highlighted in this article earlier on. You will be confident to select bigger odds that propose a higher probability of coming through in your bookings.

  • Stake high: This is common among millionaires or people who have more savings. They stake high money on small odds which are safer games. The higher the amount of stake, the higher the output but the games are mostly in their favor.

If you stake high on 10 different games, there’s a high probability of winning all your bookings. Shockingly, after several wins, one out of 30 people may lose millions despite playing small odds and safe games. There are many unknown circumstances surrounding the games we play.

  • Don’t always believe the Home team will win: If you have been booking games online for a long, you should be aware of the flops in this mindset.

Thousands of bettors have lost so much money because of the belief that the home team always has an upper hand therefore, their games are mostly in favor of home teams. Either Home or Away team, the better team always ends up claiming the victory. 

If you are a good forecaster and a researcher, even if the odds are in favor of the home team, you’d figure out possible outcomes of the game which might end up being in favor of the away team.

  • Play smart and be disciplined: Know when to back off and continue. Start smaller and don’t rush. Before booking any game online, set a line and know when you are crossing the line. The fact remains you may win most of the time but not all the time.

Sound better? You can’t rush betting. When you bet continuously without being patient, you might fail to focus on the important statistic that could aid your predictions. Sometimes, you lose not only your money but concentration. So it is advisable to take a break and try some other time.

  • Take advantage of betting offers: Many online bookmakers offer signups free bets, and bonuses when you deposit. Use these free bets efficiently to pick the best odds. Some online sports bookings give free bets and eye-catching odds on their promotion page for existing customers. Take advantage of these odds to boost your cashouts.


The most important attribute of a good bettor is to make enough research and forecast before playing any game. The sense of confidence after research will prompt him to apply other betting strategies and increase his chances of winning big.

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